Black Granite Quarries in India

Black Granite Quarries in India

Ratani 08 November, 2023

India is known for black colour granites across the world as it looks pleasant to the eyes and also has high strength. Black granite from India is widely popular across the world and sought after by granite distributors, architects and monuments manufacturer. India’s black granite quarries are scattered across several states and each quarries of black granite has its own characteristics and appeal. Some of the most prominent regions known for black granite quarrying include:

Karnataka: Karnataka is renowned for its high-quality Absolute Black granite. The quarries in Chamrajnagar district, particularly in the Chamarajanagar area, produce some of the finest black granite in India. This stone is celebrated for its deep black color and exceptional polish.

Tamil Nadu: In the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Ongole region is famous for its Black Galaxy granite. This variety is esteemed for its fine grain and uniform colour, making it an excellent choice for countertops and flooring.

Andhra Pradesh: The Warangal and Karimnagar districts in Andhra Pradesh are known for their attractive black granite varieties. The absolute black granite, with its starry speckled appearance and dark black background.

Rajasthan: In the northern state of India, Rajsamand is popular for the black granite called R black with black or brown dots.

Black granite quarries in India play a pivotal role in supplying this exquisite natural stone to the international markets. We, Ratani, a leading granite manufacturer and exporter, can help you with the supply of quality granite blocks from quarries known for their exceptional quality. Additionally, being a leading granite manufacturer in India, we can supply slabs and cut-to-size tiles as well.

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