Which are the top Indian Granite colours for Tombstone?

Ratani 29 June, 2024

Selecting the ideal colour of granite is crucial to building a loving and long-lasting tribute for your loved one. We at Ratani provide a large selection of granite colours to compliment any design or preference. Our selection is sure to have the ideal colour to pay tribute to your loved one, ranging from the timeless elegance of Absolute Black to Viscon White. The best quarries in India supply the shades of granite that we use. Every slab is meticulously chosen based on its strength, attractiveness, and capacity to endure over time.

Which are the top 6 Indian Granite Colours for Tombstones?

The most popular granite headstone colour selections are shown below; Ratani is happy to offer every one of them.

  1. Absolute Black

    Absolute Black granite is renowned for its sophisticated appearance. This granite has a consistent and uniform black appearance, devoid of any significant variations or patterns, adding a lovely touch to any cemetery. A sleek and stylish aspect that will be appreciated for years to come is created by the granite’s consistent texture, which also adds to its exquisite appearance.

  2. Vizag Blue

    Vizag Blue Granite is well-known for its striking and distinctive deep blue base colour that is frequently adorned with delicate waves and swirls of lighter blue, silver, or grey tones. Vizag Blue Granite provides a classic and elegant look for tombstones, boosting the memorial’s visual appeal. Peaceful and dignified respect for loved ones is provided by the subtle interplay of patterns and colours. Vizag Blue Granite’s beautiful grace makes it a popular option for paying respect to and remembering those who passed away.

  3. Indian Aurora

    Ratani’s Indian Aurora Granite is a unique natural stone with a base that leans slightly reddish-brown. The light-to-dark and swirls in tones of red and brown colour enhance this stone’s attractiveness even more. The vibrant colours and complex designs make for an eye-catching and impressive tombstone. Every tombstone is made to be one-of-a-kind due to its distinctive design, which provides a customized memorial that is striking in its natural beauty.

  4. Imperial Red

    New Imperial Red Granite of India, also known as Ruby Red granite, is a type of granite known for its striking and vibrant red colour. It is a natural stone that features a consistent deep red background with small, scattered black or grey mineral flecks. This granite creates a colourful, sophisticated memorial that is striking when used for tombstones. It is an appropriate memorial to honour and remember loved ones because of its deep red tones and intricate designs, which have a great visual impact.

  5. Sira Grey

    This granite features a predominantly light to medium grey base colour, often with slight variations and occasional specks of darker grey or black contributing to its popularity amongst grey granite suppliers in India. The consistent and uniform texture of Sira Grey Granite adds to its overall charm. The classic and refined appearance of Sira Grey Granite is ideal for tombstones. Its modest grey hues convey respect and peace, making it a perfect option for monuments.

  6. Viscon White

    The elegant texture and brilliant white colouring of Viscon White Granite symbolize eternal beauty. Viscon White Granite, a well-liked option for memorialization, is set apart by its white or off-white base colour, which serves as a canvas for fascinating patterns and veining. Its polished, smooth surface reflects light, adding to its appeal. For tombstones and monuments, Viscon White Granite is a great choice because of its traditional white colour, which radiates purity and reverence.

Final Words

Ratani has been the top tombstone manufacturer in India for the past 25 years. We have a presence in more than 20 countries and a large base of satisfied customers. We are well known for providing quality tombstones to cater for your requirements with ease. All the above-stated colours of tombstones can be easily ordered from us. We take bulk orders.

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