Why is Indian granite the most preferred material for Tombstone?

Ratani 29 June, 2024

We are using tombstones to mark and honour our loved ones’ graves. The growth of tombstone materials, from stone to wood to granite, is a wonderful journey that reflects human culture, technology, and artistic expression over time. And while the choice of resources for memorials has varied considerably over time, one is without a doubt the most popular in recent years: Granite.

Why is Indian Granite Tombstone a Popular Choice?

In many religions, a headstone is placed above a grave. The family commonly etch the name, age, and message of the deceased person. The family carefully selects the headstone to keep in mind the departed soul. Here are the top reasons that most people choose Indian granite tombstone:

Indian granite has low maintenance

Indian granite is well-known for its low maintenance needs. Indian granite, unlike marble or bronze, doesn’t often need care or sealing to maintain its beauty. This is particularly crucial in cemeteries, where maintenance can be difficult and expensive, and the emphasis should be on honouring the memory of the deceased rather than the upkeep of the memorial.

India has a rich historical background in stone carving and handicraft

Expert artisans create complex carvings on Indian black granite, adding a touch of innovation to memorials. This stone’s endurance and capacity to survive extreme temperatures contribute to its sturdiness, making it suitable for monuments. Families choose Indian black granite not only for its beauty but also for its reliability and capacity to preserve memories for future generations. The use of Indian black granite in monuments and headstones honors tradition, and cultural symbolism, and serves as a lasting tribute to souls.

Global reputation

India is a top exporter of granite, known for manufacturing high-quality stone. This worldwide fame relates to the high quality and dependability of Indian granite, making it a popular choice for tombstones all around the world. The country’s granite sector is well-known for its excellent craftsmanship, cutting-edge quarrying techniques, and tight quality control standards. These variables result in the creation of granite that is not only visually appealing but also structurally stable. As a result, Indian granite is in high demand among monument manufacturers and families looking for long-lasting, attractive tombstones to honour their loved ones.

Indian granite is affordable

Indian granite is less expensive than other natural stones, despite its greater quality and aesthetic appeal. Indian granite’s reasonable cost makes it affordable to many families, enabling them to memorialize their loved ones without breaking the bank. This cost does not compromise the stone’s durability or beauty. Indian granite is an affordable choice that delivers outstanding durability at a reasonable price. The combination of low cost and good quality guarantees that families can invest in a tombstone that will endure the test of time, providing an enduring and lasting impression to their loved ones.

Indian manufacturers have top-quality polish machines

Indian granite is polished using the most outstanding machines to give it a unique look from its natural surface. Polishing gives granite a shiny look that highlights the exquisite colours of the grains within. This polished appearance is what makes black granite countertops, tombstones, and other products appear elegant and ageless.

Create Lasting Memories for Your Loved Ones: Tombstones by Ratani

Do you need help choosing the right gravestone for your loved ones? Ratani provides high-quality granite tombstones that are suitable for such purposes. We provide a wide range of granite types, including different thickness ranges. We also provide a variety of granite stone sizes and types. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we can assist you in choosing the best material for your project based on its requirements.

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